SALT Landscape Architects imagine the residential landscape as a locus for environmental consciousness, everyday inhabitation and a reinvigoration of tactile, analog experience. SALT proposes the creation of an Almanac, a book that serves as a guide to gardeners with insight into the territory of southern California, as a place to record the life of one's garden and an impetus for exploration, construction, play and reverie. The project consists both as an exercise to explore the possible contents of the almanac and as a trigger for participation in the life of the Schindler House garden itself. The designers create a series of publisher's proofs to begin to imagine the books contents as well as an imaginary relic in the form of an "almanac" from the distant future of the Fitzpatrick-Leland house to imagine its use. In addition, they provide both implements of play (badminton, bocce) and of relaxation (a blanket) at the MAK center that they hope visitors will use as as invitation to enjoy a longer, durational experience of Schindler's own residential landscape during the exhibition's run.