A Garden of Multiple Frequencies

Terremoto’s proposal for the future garden operates simultaneously at two frequencies: first at the scale of the residential home (A Machine in the Garden) and secondly at a larger, more immersive scale of the metropolis (The City as Garden).  We do not propose to innovate at the formal level of landscape design; rather, we demand a mechanical and spiritual revision of what constitutes a garden and how we care for it, and where the boundaries of this garden lie.

A Machine in the Garden / Garden Residency

What is the future of residential garden design?  Let us define the future by creating it.  Terremoto proposes a Garden Residency program at the Leland-Fitzpatrick House, whereby designers live and work at the house, allowing for exploration of intelligent horticultural futures over time.  A curated succession of landscape architects, artists and thinkers and makers will create a layered vision for what is to come.

The City as Garden

Beyond the edges of the Garden Machine lies the endless city.  But what if the city was also our garden?  Terremoto explores this concept through a series of installation performances in which the modern modular concrete paver is used as a metaphor for garden.  This simple 12”x12” unit, which is also present at the Leland Fitzpatrick residence, is installed at various vistas throughout the urban landscape. Conveying these residential forms in the context of the public sphere undermines the rather arbitrary public/private dichotomy and works to grow the garden past the picket fence, into the median, and out into the beyond.